Max, Wii-Controller, Video, Voice

After Donald Trump was elec­ted I star­ted to watch a lot of vide­os of Obama.
It was easy becau­se Oba­ma did lots of good bye videos.
So I wat­ched them all and beca­me melancholic.
Without a cri­ti­cal opi­ni­on towards Obama.
You could be critical.
Donald Trump as pre­si­dent of the United Sta­tes is a wake up call.
But it is very easy to have a cri­ti­cal opi­ni­on towards Donald Trump.
But this is good at all.

I often strugg­le with complexity.
I’d like to deal with it.
With simp­le means.

Idee und Per­for­mance: Tom­my Neuwirth

10.02.2017, SeaM — Stu­dio für elek­tro­ak­kus­ti­sche Musik, Wei­mar (Pre­mie­re)

kom­plet­ter Mitschnitt

Fotos: Kon­rad Behr (This work is licen­sed under a Crea­ti­ve Com­mons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unpor­ted License.

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